[Bitte in "English" übersetzen:] Pentaflex Fugenbleche bedienen sämtliche Vorgaben des neuen DBV-Merkblatts

This is how sealing works: with the new DBV leaflet for coated joint sheet systems.

PENTAFLEX® for sure - the joint sheet product family meets all the requirements of the leaflet.

A DBV leaflet on the application of coated joint sheet systems has been available to planners, contractors and building owners since March 2023. Previously, the planning rules could only be taken from general building inspection test certificates (abP) and processing guidelines of the individual manufacturers. The new leaflet summarises the planning instructions and regulations in accordance with the requirements of the Guideline for waterproofing constructions of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton e.V.) and provides important application aids for execution. In addition to explanations on the coating, arrangement and embedment depth of joint sheets for construction and predetermined crack joints, the leaflet also deals with joints and connections to joint tapes.

Compliant and versatile: PENTAFLEX KB®

No problem with the abP- and ETA-legitimised joint sheets PENTAFLEX KB® from PohlCon. They meet all the specifications of the leaflet and, even in combination with shuttering elements, reinforcement connections or predetermined breaking elements, meet all the requirements placed on waterproofing constructions. The advantages of PENTAFLEX KB® can be found here at a glance. Our PENTAFLEX® FBA joint tape connection ensures the professional connection of joint sheets with the KUNEX® joint tapes from PohlCon.

Something gone wrong? We have the solution.

The leaflet also gives recommendations on possible repair measures if mistakes are made during the installation of joint sheets. The remedy of choice is then usually "partial additional secondary sealing". With our PLURAFLEX® injection hose system, we have exactly the right product in our portfolio. Any weak spots in the concrete are compensated for in this way by subsequent grouting with injection material.

The leaflets of the German Concrete and Construction Technology Association (Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein e.V.) are part of the standard literature for all those involved in the construction industry and summarise all the important regulations in a practice-oriented manner in conformity with the approval.

Whatever you plan.

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