The all-rounder PENTAFLEX KB®

Our PENTAFLEX KB® not only reliably seals construction joints. Whether it's a predetermined crack joint, shuttering or reverse bending connectors – PENTAFLEX® makes sure the joint is sealed.

The PENTAFLEX® KB joint sheets from our H-BAU Technik product brand, which has been approved with AbP and ETA, is characterised by numerous advantageous properties and reliably seals construction joints in particular. But it can do much more!

Sealing of predetermined crack joints

For example, predetermined crack joints can be sealed according to plan with the joint sheet. These are predetermined breaking points: A controlled crack is created by weakening the cross-section. This serves the targeted reduction of constraining stresses and prevents uncontrolled crack formation. Our OBS and FTS elements for in-situ concrete and element walls do exactly that: They consist of wings made of galvanised sheet steel that weaken the concrete cross-section and an integrated PENTAFLEX KB® joint sheet that securely seals the controlled crack created.

Shuttering with PENTAFLEX®

The shuttering elements PENTAFLEX® ABS R for rough joints or PENTAFLEX® ABS V for interlocked joints according to EC 2 are a combination of joint sheets and lost formwork that remains in the component. In this way, formwork stripping can be saved, while at the same time the joint is reliably sealed. The shuttering elements can be used in floor slabs, walls and ceilings and are even suitable for installation dimensions of up to 2 m and more.

Our experts explain the shuttering with our PENTAFLEX® ABS elements in detail in the video (in German with English subtitles):

Want more applications? We have the solution

In combination with reverse bending connectors, we provide a water-impermeable reinforcement connection with the PENTAFLEX® Modul – for example for the reinforced connection of a cellar shaft or an underground car park ramp. Our PENTAFLEX® sound separation joint system is mainly used for semi-detached and terraced houses. It can be used with prefabricated walls and in-situ concrete construction and ensures both the sound separation and the sealing of the joint. We offer solutions with PENTAFLEX® for watertight wall and floor penetrations as well as for sealing liquid manure, slurry and silage seepage systems (JGS systems): PENTAFLEX® Agrarhas the general technical approval for these special systems.

Last but not least, with our PENTAFLEX® FBA joint tape connection, we ensure that joint sheets can be connected to KUNEX® joint tapes without any problems. In combination with joint tapes, we guarantee solutions for really every sealing case. In this way, you get a waterproof, defect-free and coordinated overall system.

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