The impact sound insulation element SINTON® Q decouples stair landings, flights or access balconies from masonry or concrete staircase walls and from the impact noise of footfall. It consists of a load-transmitting round dowel, a vibration-damping wall bearing and a running sleeve with reinforcement cage. Depending on the version (J50 / J120), SINTON® Q is suitable for joint widths of 10-50 mm or 51-120 mm and for transmitting positive (Q1) and also negative shear forces (Q2). The insulation element can be used in in-situ concrete and prefabricated construction. The reinforcement cage of SINTON® Q1 can be inclined by up to +/- 8° so it can be flexibly adapted to the reinforcement of spiral staircases on site. When a fire protection collar is used, SINTON® Q conforms to fire resistance class R 120.

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  • For in-situ concrete and precast construction
  • The tiltable prefabricated reinforcement cage makes this element ideal for use in spiral staircases.
  • Landing impact sound level difference ΔL*w, landing = 31 dB - 34 dB, tested according to DIN 7396

Technical Details

  • Good corrosion protection, made of high-strength stainless steel

Approvals and Certificates

Approvals and Certificates

  • General building authority approval Z-15.7-355 with joint widths up to 120 mm
  • Meets requirements for increased sound insulation according to DIN 4109-5 as well as DEGA class A and sound insulation level III according to VDI 4100
  • Achieves fire resistance class R120 if the compatible fire protection collar is used in joints up to 60 mm wide


Products W Weight per storage unit bookmark
420100025004Impact sound insulation element Q16,514 kg
420100025005Impact sound insulation element Q17,024 kg
420100025006Impact sound insulation element Q26,581 kg
420100025007Impact sound insulation element Q27,091 kg

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