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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for JORDAHL mounting channels, brickwork support brackets, punching shear and shear reinforcement.

When it comes to building design, ecological, economic and social aspects now play a central role for builders and investors worldwide. It is not only planners and architects who are doing everything they can to meet the growing desire for greater sustainability. Manufacturers such as JORDAHL also offer a correspondingly verified product portfolio.

brickwork support bracketThus, the PohlCon brand is the first manufacturer on the market to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its mounting channels, brickwork support brackets, and punching and shear reinforcement.

Sustainability proof for green building certifications

Green building certificates may not yet be standard in the construction industry, but interest in them is growing enormously. More and more building owners want to have their buildings certified according to DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. The Environmental Product Declaration - EPD for short - serves planners as a valuable information base and source of verification. The Environmental Product Declaration of the Institute for Building and the Environment provides clear information on the content and environmental impact of the building products tested. From the extraction of raw materials to the demolition of the building - the entire life cycle of the product is taken into account. All information is based on international standards and verified by independent third parties.

The environmental product declarations of JORDAHL

JORDAHL has now become the first manufacturer on the market to obtain this EPD for its mounting channels, brickwork support bracket, and punching and shear reinforcement. The anchor channels of the PohlCon manufacturer brand have also recently been awarded an EPD. The environmental product declarations provide planners and architects with all the product information they need for the life cycle assessment of their sustainable building project. In addition to properties, material composition, production and transport, the EPD contains important data on the material and energy consumption of the respective product. Information is also provided on raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials, as well as on the waste and emissions generated.
JORDAHL's EPDs are available in our download center, on the website of the Institute for Building and the Environment and on Building Material Scout.

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