ISOPRO® 120 Insulation

Optimised, versatile, individual: ISOPRO® 120 thermal insulation elements by PohlCon

The new ISOPRO® 120 balcony connections impress with improved thermal insulation and easier installation in the prefab plant and on the construction site.

A balcony should increase living comfort - but at the same time not become an energy cost trap. Therefore, solutions are needed for a reliable anchoring of the exterior component to the building while minimizing energy loss and preventing moisture damage: The corresponding connecting elements must be characterized by a high load-bearing capacity and at the same time prevent thermal bridges. ISOPRO® 120, the load-bearing thermal insulation element of the PohlCon brand H-BAU Technik, with its 120 mm thick insulation body ensures thermal separation at the transition between interior and exterior components and at the same time guarantees a force-fit connection across the insulation joint.

New developments, new advantages

With the new series, thanks to optimized materials and cross-sections, it has been possible to achieve a significant improvement in thermal insulation with comparable load-bearing capacity. In addition, ISOPRO® 120 is characterized by simpler and thus more efficient processing compared to the proven predecessor model ISOMAXX®. This facilitates installation on the construction site and in the prefab plant, because thanks to the shear force bars anchored in the thrust bearing, the element can now simply be inserted from above into the position between the external component and the floor ceiling. Afterwards, the respective surfaces are filled with concrete as usual.

Great variety, individual solutions

ISOPRO® 120 is available in a large number of different types and designs. This means that different applications and diverse architectural requirements are no problem. Among other things, we have types for balconies that extend over corners, continuous panels or parapets and balustrades. Even more individual solutions can be developed in close cooperation with the PohlCon technical department.

The series meets the requirements of the building authorities for fire protection as well as sound insulation. On request, the elements can be equipped with a continuous non-combustible layer. For sound insulation on balconies, however, it should be noted that increased requirements can only be achieved in conjunction with a corresponding floor structure.

Suitable software included

But the best thermal insulation element aren’t useful if the balcony connections are not correctly dimensioned. That is why PohlCon provides the free ISODESIGN® planning software. Structural engineers can enter a variety of balcony geometries and design their connections. Supports can be freely arranged and recesses, for example for transport anchors or supply shafts, can be considered. With the ISOCHECK® web application, you can also find out in just a few steps which category according to DIN 4108 Supplement 2 the thermal insulation element you have selected can achieve in your building project. With the combination of static and economic project optimization through the software, a wide range of standard types and the PohlCon expertise in individual solutions, even complex building projects are successful.

Whatever you plan.

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