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ISOPRO® 120 proves itself in Prague

Against heat loss and moisture damage: thermal insulation elements from PohlCon are indispensable in the new Zahálka building complex.

In the immediate vicinity of local recreation areas and leisure facilities, the airy-looking ensemble blends in with the parks newly designed by landscape architects. Work on the Zahálka residential complex in the administrative district of Prague 4, directly on the Vltava River, is scheduled for completion before the end of this year. The high-rise buildings, designed by three international teams of architects, are characterised by loosened facades, large windows and numerous balconies and terraces – for flats flooded with light and impressive views.

Numerous balconies? Thermal insulation!

Thermal insulation elements, especially for the connection of the balconies, play an outstanding role in this project due to the large number of exterior building components, in order to prevent heat loss and the associated damage to the substance due to mould and moisture.

More than 2100 pieces of the ISOPRO® IP 120 M load-bearing thermal insulation elements from the PohlCon brand H-BAU Technik were used here for the connection of the balconies. These are particularly suitable for freely projecting reinforced concrete components. The 120 mm thick insulation body reliably ensures thermal separation at the transition between interior and exterior building components and gives thermal bridges no chance. Installation on the construction site is particularly easy, as the elements can simply be inserted from above between the external component and the storey ceiling thanks to the shear force bars anchored in the thrust bearing. 440 units of the ISOPRO® IP 120 QS and QZ types were installed in the supported reinforced concrete components.

A total of 1350 m of the ISOPRO® IP 120 Z ISO intermediate insulation served to supplement the insulation between the load-bearing elements. This allowed the latter to be laid at greater distances from each other. In this way, the number of load-bearing thermal insulation elements could be reduced, which in turn contributed to cost optimisation. Last but not least, the ISOPRO® 120 elements meet the desired fire protection requirements – especially the intermediate insulation in combination with the load-bearing thermal insulation elements.

Further details and pictures of the site and the installed elements in Prague can be found here.

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