The ISOPRO® thermal insulation elements, types SBM and SBQ, are elements for connecting steel structures to reinforced concrete components. Thanks to the excellent thermal separation of ISOPRO® elements, structural problems at the intersection between exterior and interior building components are resolved safely and reliably. The thermal insulation element consists of an insulating body with a structurally supportive frame for the safe transmission of forces. The newly developed adjustment plate allows for continuous adjustment to compensate for any structural tolerances. The elements are approved by the building authorities in accordance with no. Z-15.7-313, and reliably reduce thermal bridges in accordance with DIN 4108-2 supplementary sheet 2 and EnEV.


  • Dimensioning values enshrined in the approval
  • Reduces thermal bridges in accordance with DIN 4108-2 and EnEV
  • Easy and safe assembly by means of continuously variable height adjustment

Technical Details

  • Approved by the building authorities and type-tested in accordance with EC2
  • Reinforcing steel: B500B
  • Stainless steel: S275 and S460
  • Structural steel: S235
  • Insulating body: NEOPOR® polystyrene hard foam with λ = 0.031 W/mK


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