JORDAHL® Elevator insulation JAI

The TÜV-certified elevator insulation JAI from JORDAHL® is used for acoustic decoupling of an elevator and reduces the introduced structure-borne noise by up to 26 dB at the transition between the elevator guide rail and shaft wall. The system consists of a sandwich construction of insulating elastomer panels, the supporting framework of steel inserts, and two special screws, which are mainly fastened to the JTA anchor channel from JORDAHL®. With the help of an attachment part from the elevator manufacturer, the elevator guide rail is connected to the JAI element. After professional installation of the JAI element, the attachment part is completely insulated. This decouples the elevator from the building and reduces sound transmission at the most effective point. In this way, the elevator insulation also meets high sound insulation requirements.

Areas of application

All JAI types are suitable for new and existing installations in residential, industrial, and office buildings. Applications are found in the hotel industry, hospitals, and care facilities, as well as in high-quality residential complexes, that are designed with the highest possible level of sound insulation. On request, the manufacture of customized designs is possible.


JAI-A elevator insulation is frequently used in centrally guided elevator systems or elevator systems with backpack suspension. The variants JAI-A1 and the adjustable variant JAI-A1J are available with a round hole and a slotted hole connection to ensure maximum flexibility during installation.

We developed JAI-R especially for elevator shafts that require a backpack suspension due to limited space. It combines the design adaptations for parallel running guide rails with the advantages of the well-known TÜV-certified JAI-A.

Based on the JAI-A, the JAI-L type offers the possibility of acoustically decoupling freight elevator systems. This is particularly in demand for elevator systems with high load-bearing capacities that are used to cover floors in buildings, for building extensions, or for car parking spaces integrated into an existing building.

All types can be combined as a system solution with anchor channels JTA from JORDAHL. Especially for new installations, anchor channels in the elevator shaft can be planned in advance for the installation of the elevator insulation JAI. For existing installations or modernizations, the use of the types with the mounting channels JM from JORDAHL or as an individual dowel variant is recommended.

Material and surface coating

The elevator insulation is available in galvanized steel or stainless steel if required.


  • High airborne sound reduction of 12 dB in adjacent rooms
  • Structure-borne sound insulation of up to 26 dB at the transition between the elevator guide rail and shaft wall
  • Space-saving geometry in the elevator shaft
  • Low-maintenance system with long service life
  • Tested durability of the insulation elements
  • High flexibility in planning the use of rooms near elevators
  • Increased process reliability in the sound insulation planning of elevators
  • Easy, simple mounting on anchor rails
  • Suitable for a wide variety of elevator types in new and existing buildings
  • Customization possible for almost any add-on part/bracket from elevator manufacturers
  • Project-related customized solutions of the entire elevator insulation on request
  • Tender texts on request

Technical Details

  • The load-bearing capacity of JAI elevator insulation is determined following TÜV certification, taking into account the deformation criterion for guide rails according to EN 81-20.
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