SWELLFLEX® waterstop tapes are a reliable alternative to conventional joint sealing systems and are characterised by flexibility in the case of irregular joint lines. They are used for sealing joints in concrete constructions that are constantly or periodically exposed to pressing water. When concreting the component, the waterstop tapes are completely surrounded by fresh concrete, swell and build up a contact pressure that seals the construction joint.


  • Proven in civil and structural engineering
  • Swelling and shrinking process is often reversible
  • Easy to handle

Technical Details

  • General supervisory test certificate
  • SWELLFLEX® BS: Bentonite-based sealing tape without rain protection
  • SWELLFLEX® BT: Bentonite-based sealing tape with rain protection
  • SWELLFLEX® RB: Extruded rubber mixture consisting of butyl rubber, resins that swell in water, polyethylenes and silicones

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