Reliable protection in highly corrosive environments

The duplex coating system XC of the PohlCon brand PUK ensures a corrosion protection duration of more than 15 years for cable management systems - even under extreme environmental conditions.

Corrosion: Danger for components

Corrosion is the reaction of a metallic material to its environment. It leads to a loss of mass or a reduction in thickness, e.g. in steel, and thus to impairments and damage up to the loss of the component's function. Especially in the case of cable management systems that are installed outdoors, the environmental conditions of the location must therefore be checked carefully in order to be able to react with appropriate corrosion protection measures. 

For extreme conditions

According to DIN 12944-2, there are different corrosivity categories for steel structures, starting with C1 (interiors with neutral atmospheres) and C3 with moderate stress (urban and industrial atmospheres) and ending with categories C5 and CX. The highest category CX includes offshore areas and subtropical and tropical atmospheres. The second highest category, C5, applies to industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres or near-coastal areas with high salt loads. Regular zinc coatings are no longer sufficient to adequately protect components from corrosion in the long term under such conditions.

XC: durable, long-lasting, stable

The duplex coating system XC of the PohlCon brand PUK comes into play here. It consists of a zinc coating (e.g. 55 µm zinc coating thickness) and a single-layer powder coating (150 µm coating thickness). Thanks to its excellent adhesion properties, the coating does not come off even when damage reaches the steel. Smaller damages can be compensated by the coating itself due to its flexible material properties. Larger damages such as cut edges can be easily repaired.

Approved and tested

The duplex coating system XC was specially developed for cable routing systems and fulfils the second highest corrosion category C5 with a confirmed protection period of 15 to 25 years. The PUK XC coating has been successfully tested according to the DIN EN ISO 12944-6 standard and in other practical hardness test procedures. This ensures that cable management systems remain reliably functional for a long time, even under extreme conditions. You can also find more information in our brochure.

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