Donations instead of Christmas gifts

Instead of handing out Christmas presents to our customers, we are donating the amount earmarked for this purpose to a good cause again this year. For this purpose, we have divided the total amount of 20,000 euros. In this way, the money will benefit three different institutions.

10,000 euros go to the helpers of "Hand in Hand für Kinder". The volunteers not only support girls and boys living below the poverty line, but also children suffering from serious illnesses or abuse. We are supporting the "Berliner Engel für Bedürftige" with 5,000 euros. The association will use the money, for example, to help people in poverty with food and clothing donations. 5,000 euros will go to "Innocence in Danger" - a movement that campaigns worldwide against the sexual abuse of children. With locations in Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, the USA and Colombia, the association primarily seeks to prevent the spread of child pornography in the new media.

Voluntary commitment and social cohesion make our society richer. We know that our Christmas donation is in good hands this year and are pleased that the money is helping to support important projects. Many thanks at this point also to the Pohl family, who make these donations possible.

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