PohlCon elevator insulation JAI-R for elevators with backpack suspension

PohlCons JAI-R sound insulation element - a class of its own

When retrofitting elevators with backpack suspension in existing buildings, special requirements must be met. This is where our modern JAI-R elevator insulation proves its strength.

Preserving the old is laudable, but many existing buildings still need to be retrofitted, modernized or renovated to meet current guidelines, regulations and standards. This can involve a wide variety of measures that increase living comfort and the value of the property. One example is the retrofitting of elevators in an existing building. Here, the fulfillment of high sound insulation requirements is playing an increasingly important role. In this context, the three levator insulation types JAI-A, JAI-R and JAI-L of the PohlCon brand JORDAHL are products of first choice.

The TÜV-certified JAI-A component provides reliable acoustic decoupling in most centrally guided elevator systems. It reduces the introduced structure-borne noise at the transition between elevator guide rail and shaft wall by up to 26 dB. Based on the basic JAI-A model, the JAI-R product type was developed and specially tailored to the sound insulation requirements of elevators that require a backpack suspension due to a limited space.

It's all about balance

Elevator systems with backpack suspension remain popular because they offer decisive advantages over other designs: Due to the fact that the elevator guide runs on only one side, up to three accesses can be realized on three different shaft sides. These designs with parallel guide rails are much more space-saving and flexible in use than the centrally guided models. However, these advantages also give rise to disadvantages: The entire weight of the booth rests on this one side and the associated components, such as sound insulation elements.

The challenge for the product developers at PohlCon was therefore to design elevator insulation that could withstand high static loads and provide reliable sound insulation to the same extent. The result of this task is, among other things, the JAI-R elevator insulation, which achieves an optimum balance between load-bearing and insulating properties. Unique on the German market, it thus meets all the requirements for an innovative soundproofing element for elevators with backpack suspension.

Would you like more information about our JAI-R elevator insulation? Then please visit our product details page.

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