H-BAU Technik FIBERNOX® V-ROD construction elements are concrete reinforcement bars made of ecologically sustainable fibre composite material consisting of glass fibre strands and vinyl ester resin. We sell this reinforcement product as straight bars, curved bars of various shapes and as bars with end anchors. Amongst other benefits, they are impressively resistant to corrosion and alkalis, are non-magnetic and have electrically and thermally insulating. Their low weight makes them suitable for the construction of slender concrete components only a few centimetres thick. The areas of application range from precast, tunnel and bridge construction to the construction of hospitals or research facilities.


    • Lasting resistance to corrosion and alkalis
    • Significantly longer service life of building structures exposed to aggressive environmental conditions compared to reinforcing steel
    • High tensile strength yet low weight
    • Permeable to magnetic fields and radio frequencies
    • Dimensionally stable and very good concrete bond
    • Easy to cut for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

    Technical Details

    • Fibre composite made of glass fibre strands with synthetic resin
    • Elastic modulus > 60 GPa, guaranteed tensile strength > 1000 Mpa
    • Special surface sanding for improved bond
    • Available as straight or curved bars
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