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New snap connectors for cable management systems

The new snap connectors make the assembly of PUK cable management systems even easier. With them, both cable trays and wire-mesh cable trays can now be connected much more flexibly, easily, and quickly.

Snap connectors for cable trays: RGVS with a suitable assembly tool

For some time now, the RGVS snap connector has been available for our cable trays, such as the RG 60 type. The system is an alternative to the RGV tray connector and does not require any screws. The connection is made via snap connectors. The RGVST tool supports the assembly process. The new RGVS snap connector is flexible and ensures safe equipotential bonding. The cable trays can be cut to any length and connected in a correspondingly variable manner. The load-bearing capacity of the cable tray remains the same as with the conventional RGV tray connector. With the accompanying RGVS assembly tool, the snap connector can be easily attached to the tray and removed again. This makes the work fatigue-free and ergonomic. The snap connector tool is a multi-tool and is suitable for all geometries of the RG 60 type cable trays.

RGVS snap connector for cable trays with RGVST assembly tool.

Snap connectors for wire-mesh cable trays: GVR

There is now also an easier and faster way to connect PUK wire-mesh cable trays. The new snap connector GVR can be attached to the wire-mesh cable trays without screws and in an installation-friendly way. This speeds up the assembly enormously. In addition, a single GVR variant is suitable for both side and bottom connections. When the wire-mesh cable tray is cut, the snap connector can be used in any 100 mm grid. The load-bearing capacity of the wire-mesh cable tray remains the same as when using GV wire-mesh cable tray connectors. The GVR is available in various surface grades (S, E, E4) and different designs (wire thickness Ø4 mm and Ø4.5 mm).

Snap connector GVR for wire mesh cable trays.

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