Neatly installed: the screed-flush duct system UBSF

UBSF is a free-standing, acoustically decoupled duct system for adaptable, barrier-free cable routings. The system is installed flush with the screed in the floor and consists of the duct, covers and other components and accessories. UBSF is designed for office traffic loads and is suitable for both dry and wet-cleaned floor coverings.


The screed-flush duct system UBSF consists of 2,000 mm long ducts with a width of 200 to 600 mm, which is extended by moulded parts and accessories to form a coordinated system. This makes it possible to plan and realise a wide variety of cable trays, depending on requirements and structural conditions.

Thanks to its free-standing design, the duct system is completely decoupled from the neighbouring structure. This leads to an improved impact sound behaviour and a higher sound insulation level - a factor that shouldn´t be neglected.


Another major advantage of UBSF is, that the system can be levelled. This makes it easier to compensate construction tolerances, which means greater flexibility and more room to manoeuvre during installation.

The duct system is made of steel so that length adjustments and cutting work can be carried out with little effort. The combination of channel, cover and crossbar ensures a stable construction that is designed for office traffic loads. Centre supports additionally reinforce the system starting at a channel width of 400 mm.


The covers, which are available in lengths of 500 or 1,000 mm, can be removed along the entire length of the duct. This ensures constant access to the cables. Thanks to this user-friendly solution, cables can be easily adapted, re-routed and re-laid at any time.

The screed-flush duct system UBSF is therefore the ideal choice when it comes to changing applications and requirements within premises. The system enables more versatile management of usable areas.

UBSF is suitable for both dry and wet-cleaned floors and complies with DIN EN 50085, the European standard for electrical installation duct systems.

Advantages at a glance

  • installed flush with the screed
  • designed for office traffic loads
  • flexible duct system thanks to a wide range of moulded parts and accessories
  • can be adjusted and levelled
  • easy, constant access to the cable trays
  • improved impact sound behaviour thanks to the decoupling from the neighbouring structure
  • suitable for dry and wet-cleaned floor coverings

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