Modern solutions for data centers

Data centers are a complex infrastructure in which our cable support systems contribute to greater clarity, security and availability.

Data centers are premises in which the computing technology of a company, administration, institution or similar is stored centrally - an indispensable infrastructure for meeting the growing demand for digital applications and remaining competitive. In 2022, 487 data centers* were counted in Germany alone - first place in Europe, and the trend is rising.

However, the rapid development of modern data centers also poses many challenges. Growing data volumes and increasingly complex requirements for data security and functional integrity are just some of them.

Better safe than sorry

In particular, avoiding downtime is essential in this highly sensitive infrastructure consisting of IT components, air conditioning systems and extensive cabling. For this reason, care must be taken when selecting the components to exclude as many interference factors as possible. This is the only way to guarantee the permanent security and availability of the systems. This is where PohlCon's product solutions from the field of cable management systems come into play.

The components ensure reliable cable and line routing, which provides a good overview and accessibility even with high packing density. The variety of our cable support systems guarantees the right solution for all applications - whether individual cable and wire routing or complex cable bundles, whether heavy power cables for supplying server cabinets or lightweight plastic cables.

PohlCon solutions for laying cables and lines in data centers include:

Most recently, visitors to Light+Building in Frankfurt, the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building technology, were able to see our various cable management system solutions for themselves. Discussions revealed how important it has become for companies to equip their own data centers with technical equipment. PohlCon supports you with the implementation.

*Statista 2024: Number of data centers in Europe by country in 2023

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