Fire protection days 2024 - Fire protection made by PohlCon

Fire protection is an increasingly important topic in the construction of buildings. This is why we are dedicating a series of lectures and discussions to this topic at four locations during the Fire Protection Days, for which all participants receive a certificate.

Fire protection is essential

Fire protection is an essential issue for the safety of people, buildings, the equipment they contain and data. It includes all measures and precautions aimed at preventing fires, controlling their spread and minimizing their effects. This includes the use of fire-resistant materials, the installation of fire alarm systems, the planning of safe escape routes and the training of people in fire safety procedures.

Reducing fire risks and causes

Preventive fire protection plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of fires in advance. By complying with fire safety regulations and guidelines during the planning, construction and use of buildings, as well as implementing integrated firefighting and alarm systems, potential hazards can be minimized. Fire protection distances, fire compartments and separations as well as regular maintenance measures are further important elements of preventive fire protection.

More fire protection through safe cable routing

Safe cable routing and the use of suitable cable management systems such as cable trays are essential to ensure fire protection in buildings. By routing cables safely, fires can be prevented and their effects limited. Cable management systems must remain stable in the event of a fire in order to ensure the functionality of electrical systems and the safety of escape and rescue routes. Fire protection standards and regulations therefore also play an important role in the selection and installation of cable management systems.

Fire protection made by PohlCon

For over 50 years, PohlCon has been offering safe and reliable cable management systems for flexible and clear cable routing in various buildings. These systems not only ensure the functional integrity of important equipment such as lighting and fire alarm systems in the event of a fire, but also meet the requirements for safe escape routes in accordance with the MLAR model cable system directive (Muster-Leitungsanlagen-Richtlinie). With standard support structures and system-specific support structures, PohlCon offers versatile solutions for cable installation, always with a focus on preventive fire protection.

Fire protection plays a decisive role in the planning of cable routes and the associated cable management systems in every new building, as well as in technical building equipment. Especially with the establishment of more and more data and computer centers, fire protection also serves the security of data.

Fire Protection Days 2024

Together with our colleagues from Datwyler IT Infra, we are once again organizing several Fire Protection Days in Germany in 2024. The focus will be on expert opinions, expansion and cable management as well as the installation technology for data and power cables. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance that the speakers at these events would like to highlight and answer. The entire event is designed as a panel discussion. Participants receive a certificate for this training measure.

If you would like to take part in one of our Fire Protection Days, please register on our info page.

Dates 2024

  • Hanover, April 18
  • Ratingen, June 13
  • Berlin, September 24
  • Munich, November 7

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