The first fire protection day 2024 takes place in hanover, April, 18th

Fire Protection Days 2024 - Working together for greater safety

Finally back after a four-year break: the Fire Protection Days. An event by and for experts to inform, discuss and network on all aspects of fire protection.

Reliable structural fire protection is an important factor in building planning. However, due to the complexity of the topic, important aspects are often overlooked - often resulting in devastating damage to property and personal injury.

How must the building elements used be designed and professionally installed? Which current building regulations and standards must be complied with? What are the requirements, solutions and measures for the various projects and trades? Architects, planners and building owners are often faced with many questions, for which an exchange with experts is essential. The Fire Protection Days 2024 offer the ideal platform for this.

All good things come in fours

After a break of several years, the event is finally taking place again with the kind support of DÄTWYLER IT Infra. On four different dates, in four different cities in Germany, important and fundamental aspects of fire protection will be presented in panel discussions and specialist lectures. The event kicks off in Hanover on April 18. This will be followed by Ratingen (June 13), Berlin (September 24) and Munich (November 7).

Olaf Sieper, Sales Representative of Datwyler IT Infra, will host the event in Lower Saxony's capital city. Guest speakers at the first Fire Protection Day 2024 will include Dr. Peter Nause and Yannik Nause from Ingenieurbüro für Brandschutz und Bauarten, who will talk about expert opinions, and Erik Vogler, PohlCons Head of Technology & Product Development Expansion / Cable Routing, who will answer questions about cable management systems, as well as Peter Pardeyke from Datwyler Cables GmbH, who can explain cable and installation techniques to participants.
We are looking forward to exciting events with numerous participants and a lively exchange of know-how, ideas and experiences.

Further information on the agenda and registration modalities can be found on our website for the Fire Protection Days 2024.

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