The anchor channel - easy to install, safe & reliable since 110 years

The anchor channel - easy to install, safe & reliable

Our anchor channels from JORDAHL have been a first-choice product for 110 years. This is not least due to their uncomplicated handling and modern dimensioning software.

The PohlCon anchor channels by our brand JORDAHL, together with the matching screws, form an optimum fastening system for supporting loads on reinforced concrete components. The channels impress with a variety of positive properties. These include their simple, time and cost-saving installation. But also, their high structural flexibility, allowing them to be adapted to new fastening requirements at any time.

The installation

A decisive advantage of the anchor channels is that they are suitable for both cracked and non-cracked concrete without restriction. All hot-rolled and cold-formed anchor channels have been tested for this property and have received European Technical Approval (ETA-09/0338). What other positive properties characterize the anchor channels from JORDAHL regarding their installation?

  • Quick and easy installation of the add-on parts
  • Simple compensation of construction tolerances
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to individual screw spacing and positions
  • Secure anchoring in concrete even with small edge distances and delicate concrete components
  • Suitable for prestressed components

The design software

To ensure maximum planning reliability for the installation of anchor channels, we offer you the Eurocode 2 (EC2) compatible design software JORDAHL® EXPERT. The program enables reliable verification of the anchoring of loads with JTA-CE, JZA-CE and JXA-CE anchor channels in concrete. It is intuitive to use, with a clear working structure and no hidden functions. EXPERT allows you to work directly in the graphics and check your entries by changing them in real time.

After entering the individual load data, the program automatically determines the bolt load, an edge distance optimization, and a results overview with component utilization. In addition to static loads, the verification of fatigue strength and the load-bearing capacities under fire load can also be determined for both single-sided and multi-sided fire loads.

Calculations using JORDAHL® EXPERT enable technical and economic optimization of your planning and construction processes. Discover our digital solutions in the full service area and test the free design software right away.

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