ETA/ICC certification for PohlCon anchor channels

New ETA and ICC-ES Report for anchor channels JTA, JXA and JZA

Even more types of our anchor channels have received European Technical Assessment (ETA) and ICC-ES certification - an important step towards simplifying design processes.

For more than 100 years we have been convincing in the field of fastening with our anchor channels by the PohlCon brand JORDAHL. We offer safety and reliability with our product range, especially for complex fastenings of companion structures in bridge, industrial and building construction.

Now we extend our portfolio of approved anchor channels JTA and JXA worldwide. With the issuance of the new revisions of the approvals - ETA-09/0338 and ICC-ES ESR 2854 - all types of toothed anchor channels of our JORDAHL brand with the corresponding toothed bolts are covered by the approvals. This is especially important for the fulfillment of high safety requirements of construction objects, because these anchor channels are perfectly suitable for the transmission of high dynamic loads.

Our response to the requirements of the market

In the product evaluations of the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) and the ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service Inc.), different versions of the toothed anchor channel were considered. These include the JXA W29/20 anchor channels made of hot-dip galvanized steel and the JZA K41/22 anchor channels, which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. 

In addition to the static resistances, the approvals have been extended to include resistances under seismic loads (ICC-ES ESR) and fatigue tensile loads (ETA). In addition, to respond to further market demands, the edge distances of selected rails have been reduced and their use in lightweight concrete (ICC-ES ESR) has been approved. The design is carried out in accordance with European (EN1992-4, CEN/TR 17080) and American (AC232, ACI 318) standards.

Even greater planning certainty

With the confirmation of the DIBt and the ICC-ES, we guarantee our customers even more security and flexibility in the planning process. However, not only our approvals are state of the art, but also our EXPERT design software has already been updated. Our user-friendly software makes the design of construction projects even more efficient and easier.

Whatever you plan.

We accompany you with expert advice, for every application. For day-to-day work in which much becomes easier and for increasing gratification in successful results.

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