The PohlCon anchor channel from JORDAHL celebrates its 110th birthday!

110 years of anchor channels - A reason to celebrate!

With the invention of the anchor channel 110 years ago, our JORDAHL brand became a pioneer in the field of fastening technology. We are proud of our patent!

In the history of construction technology, there are products that change building forever. They are construction elements that still today shape architecture and modern construction worldwide. One of these products is the anchor channel of our JORDAHL brand.

In 1913, the anchor channel developed by Anders Jordahl revolutionized the world of construction. After 110 years, the patented product still stands for the pioneering spirit, expertise and wealth of experience of our company - qualities that are a guarantee for the quality and high safety standards of all our fastening and reinforcement products.

The agony of choice

Whether in elevator or precast construction, in tunnel, bridge or power plant construction - our anchor channels, together with the matching special bolts, form an optimum fastening system for taking up loads on reinforced concrete components that can be adapted to new fastening requirements at any time. The diverse range includes anchor channels made of steel or stainless steel, hot-rolled or cold-formed, serrated or curved anchor channels and special solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Hot-rolled or cold-formed anchor channel?

The hot-rolled JTA W and JXA W anchor channels are virtually free of residual stresses. Their reinforced rail lips allow high torques, which provide particularly strong bolt tensioning forces. This makes them the first choice for dynamic loads and for improved transmission of longitudinal forces. Compared with the cold-formed sections, the hot-formed sections also have a significantly higher steel load-carrying capacity in the transverse tensile direction. The cold-formed anchor channels JTA K and JZA K impress with their constant material thickness throughout and are suitable for static (stationary) loads.

Anchor rail vs. mounting rail

PohlCon's versatile product range of fastening technology includes anchor channels as well as mounting channels. The anchor channels JTA are concreted into the reinforced concrete with their anchors and thus transfer the loads directly to the concrete. They are therefore very suitable for new construction. The JM mounting channels have no anchors and can therefore be welded or screwed on. They are therefore flexible and are particularly suitable as a fastening solution in existing buildings and for refurbishment.

Tested, approved, certified - it has it all

Our JTA, JXA and JZA anchor channels and the special screws that go with them have been approved both by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) via ETA-09/0338 and almost worldwide via the ICC-ES ESR 2854 certification. The ETA is also informative with regard to the various materials, load-bearing capacities and fire resistance class of the rails. With the confirmation of the DIBt and the ICC-ES, we guarantee our customers even more safety, flexibility and simplification in the planning process. Combined with the Environmental Product Declaration EPD JDL-20200260-IBB1-DE, our rail systems are also suitable for DGNB and LEED certified projects.

All over the world, planners, architects and building owners trust in this high standard of our anchor channels and our experience in fastening technology. We will retain this trust in us and our products in the decades to come.

Whatever you plan.

We accompany you with expert advice, for every application. For day-to-day work in which much becomes easier and for increasing gratification in successful results.

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