Underfloor systems

Safe and discreet cable routing in the floor

Whether in offices, hotels or industrial buildings - our underfloor systems ensure safe and flexible cable routing. Our range includes both screed-flush and screed-covered duct systems. In combination with needs-based installation units for screed or cavity floors, our systems deliver energy and data exactly where they are needed. On request, our installation team will also be happy to install the underfloor system for you.



New brush channel CHALI: VDE-compliant access in the middle of the room

The new flush-floor brush channel CHALI allows power and data cables to disappear invisibly into the floor - and not only along walls and window fronts. With the flexible underfloor system from PUK, you have a VDE-compliant electrical installation in the middle of the room. This is made possible by the brush cover specially developed by the Berlin…

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