GRIPRIP® is used as butt joint anchoring or as structural masonry reinforcement and serves to prevent cracks. With the combination of high-quality aramid fiber and fabric form, it ensures optimum force distribution in the wall joint. Due to the increased use of
of thin-bed masonry, joints are increasingly being bonded. With its low fabric thickness, the further development of GRIPRIP® thus also meets the current requirements for even thinner masonry reinforcement. With its high tensile strength, GRIPRIP® is also suitable for local reinforcement of screed floors as additional reinforcement.


  • Can generally be used in all cement types, even in lightweight cements
  • No problems of corrosion of the bed joint in the wall
  • No transmission of sound
  • Significantly reduced risk of injury; no protruding or bent flat steel wall connectors during the construction period

Technical Details

  • Mesh made of aramid fibres
  • Polyamide fibres with excellent creep resistance
  • Excellent fatigue endurance
  • High strength and elongation at break

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